We acknowledge the fishermen of Chile, who dive more than 10 meters deep to capture this delicious seafood by hand.

Geomar products are mainly captured by fishermen who dive into the sea and handpick shellfish. Over the years, the company has successfully developed strong ties with local fishermen communities, allowing the company to have stable access to natural resources and promote responsible capture among fishermen.

Geomar give work for more than 400 fishermen that involved communities with around 1.600 persons. Over the years, we have actively work with fishermen communities in helping them improve their business, not only by buying their products but also helping them in developing capabilities, infrastructure and the right conditions to work.

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A good example of this is the big impact that GEOMAR had in fishermen communities after a major tsunami struck Chile’s coast in early 2010. At such event, the company and its founder joint forces with ENDEAVOR (nonprofit that promotes entrepreneurship) to raise more than $USMM1.0 in order to buy equipment for fishermen that had lost all. Such initiative finally allowed fishermen not only to keep their business going but also to develop strong ties with Geomar to keep promoting the sustainable extraction of the resources.